●Founded in 1981, Transmatic express has a vision to provide high quality
logistics service to clients globally.

●We hire individuals based on attitude & capability.
Our staffs are knowledge driven that enthusiastic to help client
with triangle trade and transportation in full proficiency.
●Transmatic express joined the world reowned cargo
alliance, WCA, PPL &NVO, and partnering with over 3000 agents globally.
Our service adds value to your product by providing DDU & DDP service.

●Our company has advantages on pricing for Middle East,
Pakistan, CIS and consistently offering favorable budget to our customer.
●People recruiting, motivating and retaining the best personnel
in the business, keeps us in a leadership position in the marketplace.
We are in the business of quality customer service and our people make that happen.

●Transmatic express is financially strong, stable and independent.
Transmatic express is also associated with the listed company -Nan Ren lake Amusement Leisure.
The company owns major motorway service station、hotel、resort and aquarium in Taiwan.
●With ever-changing market conditions and government regulations,
logistics became more complex as years go by.
Transmatic express takes care of the complexities
of logistics and allow you to focus on your core businesses.


As a professional Logistics, we aims to provide
our fully service and professional advice to every client.

《Customs clearance service》
Through our network systems, we provide a cost-effective
and EDI clearance services.

《Triangular trade forwarding service》
We focus efforts on delivery service linking
Taiwan, Hong and china. We integrate services of payment
collecting, logistics, warehousing and customs clearance
to satisfy customer’s diversified needs.

《Insurance service》
We provide our client with comprehensive transport insurance
to Decrease the rise of our customers.

Contact Us


4F-9 No.32, Sec.1, Cheng Gung Road, Taipei 115, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-26548088 Fax: +886-2-26521942

President: Ivan Lee
Manager: Nelson Lee
Sales Leader: Alan Chi
Accounting: Angel Wu
Ocean: Sunny Lin
Air: Nelson Lee
No.69, Dongciao 3rd., Rd, Yongkang district,
Tainan city 710, Taiwan
Tel: + 886-6-3039590 Fax+886-6-3039221

General Manager: Tim Chen


●Employees with fluent English & Russian

●Over 10 years of experience in international business
and logistic industry.
●Direct account service
Our advantage is to do business with buyer or
seller directly no matter in what country you are in.
It’s a way for buyer to save the cost.

For more detail please contact:
Ivan Lee Email:
Nelson Lee Email:


Inter-Global Logistics Network brings together top independent local
and regional freight forwarders from markets all over the world in a group
that provides shippers and exporters with the better-value and more intelligent option in logistics.
WCA Projects Network caters for the needs of specialized project-cargo and heavy-lift
professionals seeking global contacts and partners, completing a suite of networks serving
independent freight forwarders as a fully-fledged worldwide grouping.

Each of these networks has grown and flourished, all with the help
of annual networking conferences where members come together to meet
and increase their business, to the extent that WCA Family now
has a total of 4741 member offices, all examined and rated before being accepted for membership.

With mega-forwarders getting larger every day, the world of smaller
and medium size forwarders see their market shares taken away helplessly
and many are beginning to look for ways to look bigger and stronger while remaining independent.
Now your organization has the opportunity to join the NVO Alliance,
who is dedicated to forming an alliance with a large pool
of experienced and resourceful international logistics providers.

We shall strive to serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently.
We shall persevere to excel in all areas of our work through
continual learning and positive work attitude.

PPL network is a very fast growing and very dynamic family of networks for independent
freight forwarders and logistic service providers. PPL Networks aims to support its members
to develop their logistics business on a global scale. PPL Networks is headquartered in Hong Kong
with a global presence in over 100 countries. The management has many years hands on experience
in all segments of the logistics industry but is now
entirely dedicated to the network management and development.